SAP Hana

SAP is well known by everyone. They were using different RDBMS as the backend specially oracle. When Big Data come into picture looks like SAP wanted to bring a change and introduced SAP Hana which include database services, advanced analytics processing, app development, data access, administration and openness.

What is the Benifit?
SAP HANA helps you manage data in a single in-memory platform. So you can take action in the moment. Accelerate the pace of innovation and run live in this new digital economy

How to setup SAP Hana System on Cloud?.
SAP introduced the trail version of SAP Hana system on Cloud(Cockpit). You can simply create SAP hana system and try it before you recommend to your company or you use for it.

I Created a simple video how to create and SAP Hana System on Cloud. Try it

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