How to Invalid Partition Indexes

Indexes will become invalid for various reason. When indexes are invalid your query may not perform well and sometime it will lead into your operation fail during few DML. So it is DBA responsibility periodically check and rebuild during off business hours. 1. How to find the Invalid Indexes Indexes can be from normal tables or partitioned/subpartitioned tables respectively we
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How to Advance Compression 12c

1. What is Advance Compression: As you already know in oracle compression started playing major role these days on saving cost and improving performance. Oracle Advanced Compression option help to improve performance while reducing storage costs. It allows significantly reduce overall database storage footprint by enabling compression for all types of data –relational (table), unstructured (file), index, network and backup
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How to Import Oracle 12C Dump into 11g Database

What is the scenario: Exported the database using 12c expdp. Now we have to import into 11g Rel 2 database. What Command you used: impdp system/system directory=backup dumpfile=test12c.dmp logfile=test12.log schemas=test version=11.2 What Error message you get: ORA-39142 incompatible version Solution: impdp system/system directory=backup dumpfile=test12c.dmp logfile=test12.log schemas=test version=latest Note: You can also do expdp again with version=11.2 and do direct impdp
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How to Oracle 12c Upgrade and Migration Hands on Lab Setup

How to setup Oracle 12c Upgrade and Migration Hands on Lab provided by Oracle corporation. You can very well setup on your laptop and does not required any special software. I created it on my laptop and to make comfortable. I created video and uploaded. You can setup on your laptop. Will try to add more.
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How to resmgr cpu quantum wait

Issue: When the DB Performance issue is reported, After checking found the server load is very low, CPU/IO 90+ percent free. But many sessiones waiting on event “resmgr:cpu quantum”. From AWR report we can see “resmgr:cpu quantum” is the TOP one consuming 100% DB time What/Why resmgr:cpu quantum : “resmgr:cpu quantum” means a session is waiting in a resource queue,
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