Japanese for Beginners

Minano Nihongo 2 - Lesson 32

This week let us study Minano Nihongo II Lesson 32 Vocabulary:   Vocabulary S. No Vocabulary Kanji Meaning Audio 1 うんどうします 運動します do exercise, play sport 2 せいこうします 成功します succeed 3 しっぱいします 失敗します fail 4 ごうかくします 合格します pass/success 5 もどります 戻ります go back, come 6 やみます やみます stop 7 はれます 晴れます sunny 8 くもります 曇ります cloudy 9 ふきます 吹きます blow(wind)
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Hiragana Chart

As part of the Japanese lesson learning, please send first few days on understanding the scripts. In Theory Japanese language have three scripts. Hiragana – Easy to memories and write Katakana – Easy to memories and write. (This is very Helpful for Gaijins (Foreigners Like me) Kanji – It is what many of us know as Japanese scripts. (Historically many
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