Minano Nihongo 2 – Lesson 32

This week let us study Minano Nihongo II Lesson 32



S. No Vocabulary Kanji Meaning Audio
1 うんどうします 運動します do exercise, play sport
2 せいこうします 成功します succeed
3 しっぱいします 失敗します fail
4 ごうかくします 合格します pass/success
5 もどります 戻ります go back, come
6 やみます やみます stop
7 はれます 晴れます sunny
8 くもります 曇ります cloudy
9 ふきます 吹きます blow(wind)
10 びょうきがなおります 病気が治ります recover from , get well
11 なおします 治します overcome(flu), repair
12 つづきます 続づきます continue
13 ひきます 引きます get(cold)
14 ひやします 冷やします make cool/cold
15 しんぱい 心配 worry
16 じゅうぶん 十分 enough, sufficient
17 おかしい おかしい strange, funny
18 うるさい うるさい noisy
19 やけどをします やけどをします get burned
20 けが けが wound
21 せき せき cough
22 そら sky
23 たいよう 太陽 sun
24 ほし star
25 つき moon
26 かぜ wind
27 きた north
28 みなみ south
29 にし 西 west
30 ひがし east
31 すいどう 水道 water supply/water service
32 こんや 今夜 this evening
33 ゆうがた 夕方 evening
34 まえ before
35 おそく 遅く late, late night
36 こんなに こんなに like this
37 そんなに そんなに like that
38 あんなに あんなに like that
39 もしかしたら もしかしたら maybe, perhaps
40 それはいけません それはいけません that is so bad
41 げんき げんき healthy
42 stomach
43 はたらきすぎ 働きすぎ overwork
44 むりをします 無理をします overdo
45 ゆっくりします ゆっくりします without hurry

Hiragana Chart

As part of the Japanese lesson learning, please send first few days on understanding the scripts.

In Theory Japanese language have three scripts.

  1. Hiragana – Easy to memories and write
  2. Katakana – Easy to memories and write. (This is very Helpful for Gaijins (Foreigners Like me)
  3. Kanji – It is what many of us know as Japanese scripts. (Historically many of the characters similarity on Chinese Characters) Don’t be afraid when you see it . difficult part is one character will have different meaning based on the location and place it is used. You don’t have to do doctorate on Kanji. Learn it for your business usage and to live. Day by day you will start understanding it. Good practice is try to always read kanji with Hiragana first stage.

Here is the Hiragana Chart. Please read each characters very carefully and memories it. From now don’t write anything on your own language. Write everything using hiragana characters though it may be difficult at starting point. I will try to find the related audios and GIF how to write in next post

Specialty of this chart also have the strokes how to write. If you start using this method it will be very helpful in future as it is method of writing Japanese

Hiragana Chart