How to add posts in pages

What is Add Post in Page?
I was struggling these many days as in WordPress whatever you add new post will default go to Home page only. So you my juniors and friends would like to see category related posts on pages was very difficult or they have to do search in my home page. You may wanted to created multiple pages based on the categories of posts or content you wish to post. With default wordpress settings you will not be able to do it.
How can we achieve it?
You have a plugin provided by wordpress or some nice authors. Go to your worpress admin dashboard and search for the plugin post in page which will bring you multiple plugins. You can choose anyone and follow the instructions to install and enable it.
How it works?
Very simple you have to do only two steps.
1. Install the plugin which you choose
2. Activate the plugin
3. Add a simple code in each page with your category name you wanted to displayed on that page. (Category will have clug name which is internally created by wordpress which is always small character of your category)
I choosed “Posts for Page Plugin” and installed
Here is the code I added in my Oracle page as I have category Oracle with slug name as oracle.
posts-for-page cat_slug=’oracle’ hide_images=’false’ num=’5′ read_more=’
Read More »’ show_full_posts=’false’ use_wp_excerpt=’true’ strip_html=’true’ hide_post_content=’false’ show_meta=’true’

Now I am happy and able to see the posts based on categories
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