How to Oracle VMBox VMs access from your local network

How to Oracle VMBox VMs access from your local network:

VM created in Oracle VMBox can not be accessed from your local network. It is because the virtual machine created under VM will have their own sub netmask something like 10.2.0.x

Your home computer network will be in different network segments then you will not be able to access directly from your computer using ssh/telnet. In order to access that you can add VM box machine also into your network

To add the VMBox machine into your local network. You should add an another virtual network adapter in VM and bridge it to your home computer network

1. Open Oracle VM Box
2. Right click on VM
3. Select Settings.
4. choose Network
5. Now you can see only Adapter 1 is checked.
6. Click on Adapter 2 Tab. Check Enable Network Adapter.
7. Attached to : choose Bridge Network from Drop Down
8. Name : choose your home computer Network Adapter
9. Press OK to save

Now Start the virtual machine and you can see two adapters enabled and IP assigned. First adapter with VMBox network segment and Second adapter with your home computer network IP like below.

If you want to see how it can be I created a video and posted in You Tube subscribe and watch it


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